The Road

My car is like my second home. Life’s circumstances has caused me to spend a lot of time and travel a lot of miles in my car. In many ways, it’s become more than just a machine to me.

I think I’ve spent so much time in my car that, despite the notorious Bay Area traffic I often sit in, I find driving to be an extremely cathartic experience.

Driving in solitude, the journey gives me the opportunity to reflect on my thoughts and ponder what the God might welcome me with at my destination. There have been numerous times when I’ve driven away, saddened about disappointing outcomes that had just occurred. Likewise, answers to prayer allow me the opportunity to literally shout to the Lord in thanksgiving. Some of my best devotional times have come during my long commutes, and some of the deepest pourings of my heart to the Lord come when it’s just me and God and a long journey ahead.

My favorite opportunities to fellowship and chat with others actually happen in the car. For me, my car is a non-threatening, smaller environment where I feel more comfortable opening myself up to my fellow passengers. Often times, I honestly wish the drives were longer so the stimulating conversations won’t have to end.

Driving is also a metaphor for my life right now. I feel like I’m on the road of life, not quite knowing the destination, not knowing who will join me for the adventure. Right now, there are roadblocks along the way, and I always feel lost when I encounter detours or don’t find the scenery familiar. I pray that I can let God take the driver’s seat and let Him guide me to the destination, showing me the roads to travel and the hazards to avoid.

That way, I can sit back, partake in blissful fellowship, and enjoy the sunsets.

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