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Scott Jung

Medical Technology and Digital Health Enthusiast

The Graduate

10 years ago, nearly to the day, I walked toward USC’s Doheny Library with similar regalia. I had just completed a grueling four year engineering program and was about to face a dire job market at the height of a great recession. Continuing my education was just about the last…

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Leaving Well

Today, I finished a 2 1/2 year stint at VitalConnect. While I am super-excited to be moving on to the next stage of my medical technology career, I’m sad to be leaving such an amazing company, full of amazing, talented people. Thankfully, I was given several weeks to finish things…

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The Road

My car is like my second home. Life’s circumstances has caused me to spend a lot of time and travel a lot of miles in my car. In many ways, it’s become more than just a machine to me.

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The Art of Medicine

In just a couple months, many of my friends will discover that the noble profession of medicine has not given them the proverbial middle finger, and that they will shortly be matched to a teaching hospital in a part of the U.S. where they would dare to step foot. Congrats…

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A Simple Gesture of Kindness

This past weekend, I took a quick short trip down to Southern California, my first flight of the year, and one that I knew might be chaotic from an airport perspective due to the shutdown. I along with many passengers passing through security at Mineta San Jose Airport made it…

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