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Scott Jung

Medical Technology and Digital Health Enthusiast

Three Experiences I Wish For Every Leader, Thinker, and Influencer

Back when I graduated from college, I selfishly and naively thought that every job other than a well-paying engineering job was below me.

It took four painful, humbling, but growing years in the middle of a deep recession to shatter this self-centered paradigm and see every experience as an important part of my development as a person. In his book, Quitter, author Jon Acuff refers to such experiences as parallels: opportunities to ask “how can this job/experience impact my dream?

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A Member of The Greatest Generation Helps Me Review a Gadget

The past month has brought back a lot of references to the “Greatest Generation”. Not only did George H.W. Bush, former President and the youngest naval fighter pilot to serve pass away at age 94, but last Friday, December 7 marked the anniversary of the “date which will live in infamy”. It was the event in our history, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which sent many from the “Greatest Generation” to serve and defend our county on two fronts. One of these was my late grandfather, who served in the Army and was wounded in Okinawa.

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My Origin Story

I’ve formally been rooted in medtech for well over 10 years. As a high school junior, I declared biomedical engineering as my major of choice on my college application, and I never changed it. I’m blessed that I work for a medical device company and write about medical technology on the side. I’ve had the opportunity to speak about the life-changing potential of medical technology and visit numerous countries to see what they’re developing.

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